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Band Members:

Lemmy Kilmister -- vocals, electric bass
Philip Campbell -- guitars
Mikkey Dee - drums


01. Sucker
02. One Night Stand
03. Devil I Know
04. Trigger
05. Under The Gun
06. God Was Never On Your Side
07. Living In The Past
08. Christine
09. Sword Of Glory
10. Be My Baby
11. Kingdom Of The Worm
12. Going Down
13. Ramones

Motorhead has released 26 records. Can you imagine that shit? It seems like just as with KISS, that Motorhead has always been there. A permanent fixture. These guys have always had one hell of a work ethic and a punk ass attitude. This is a band just like AC/DC who basically says if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Once again they have come out with a record that gives you punk and metal with Lemmy's signature gritty vocals. These guys are as old school as you can get because they are the old school. Lemmy is also a very gifted lyricist and his lyrics are definitely worth listening to. If you haven't picked up this disc yet do so. As they say "we are Motorhead and we play rock and roll." Rock me baby, all night.