Band Website:

Band Members:
Johan Jansson -- vocals
Jonas Kjellgren -- guitars
Johan Ahlberg -- guitars
Martin Schulman -- bass
Ronnie Bergerstål -- drums


01. Dawn Rising
02. Purgatorial Overdrive
03. The Destroyer
04. As Legions Come
05. Sworn
06. Synthetic Sin Zero
07. Flesh Is Fragile
08. Wretched Cut
09. Deconstruction Macabre

This brutal band hails from the great country of Sweden which has a very good music scene in all genres of music. The more I listen to this CD, the more it grows on me. I like the rapid fire beginning of the CD. They definitely decide to give you a good ass kicking early on. The guttural growls complement the rapid fire drumming and speedy guitar playing quite well. The CD starts out as "Visions Of Armageddon" and ends as "Earth Inferno" and it definitely seems like armageddon throughout the whole CD. I was very impressed with the new drummer. His playing is absolutely fantastic. He gives blast beats a new name. If you are looking for some extreme brutality, you have come to the right place. This band definitely delivers on that score. So sit back in the inferno and enjoy some armageddon.