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Jesse Dee


Band Members:

Jesse Dee -- vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, wurlitzer, piano, mellotron, vibraphone, tambourine
Matthew Joy -- electric guitar
Jim Larkin -- bass
Mark Sexton -- drums
Steve Mossberg -- organ, wurlitzer, farfisa, piano
Jesse Ciarmataro -- piano, wurlitzer
Kevin Barry -- lap steel, slide guitar
Scott Aruda -- tenor saxophone
Yahuba Garcia -- tambourine, organ, congas, claves


01. Alright
02. Around Here
03. Slow Down
04. Over & Over Again
05. My Two Feet
06. Remember Me
07. Reap What You Sow
08. Yet To Come
09. New Blades Of Grass
10. Still Here
11. Alive & Kickin'
12. Slow Down (Remind)

I have to say first and foremost that I dig the package this CD came in. I looked at the back of it and it just has that kind of 60s look to it. That kind of old look that record covers used to have before people got more artistic on that sort of stuff. This guy has some interesting influences such as Al Green and Stevie Wonder and he pretty much makes that his own. This has a very underground feel to it. He doesn't have that slick production sound to his music which makes it raw and gritty and that's the way you should like it. He belts these songs out in that gritty sort of flawed way soul singers tend to do and it just sounds fantastic. It's got a classic sort of feel to it. Sometimes almost a Motown kind of sound. All in all this has an old school soul feel to it and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants something a little different.