Band Website:
Deep Purple

Band Members:
Ian Gillan -- vocals
Steve Morse -- guitar
Don Airey -- keyboards
Ian Paice -- drums
Roger Glover -- bass


01. Money Talks
02. Girls Like That
03. Wrong Man
04. Rapture Of The Deep
05. Clearly Quite Absurd
06. Don't Let Go
07. Back To Back
08. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
09. MTV
10. Junkyard Blues
11. Before Time Began

It's amazing how Deep Purple just continues to put out such amazing material. This CD is no different. It's still the classic Deep Purple sound but at the same time it's fresh. Ian's vocals are quite good and naturally after a long period of time the range does change. He still sounds great and his vocals are very passionate and clear. The band is solid and the keyboards and guitar work is fantastic. The songwriting is great and really stands out the most. Definitely very great rocking music.