Band Website:
Parana Records


Band Members:

Tunsi -- vocals, music


01. Intro
02. What Would You Do
03. Radio Man
04. Whoop De Do
05. The Waiver (featuring Toxic, Bri B, Supreme)
06. Bionic Man (remix)
07. I Know You
08. Ballin
09. You Shouldn't Do That
10. Special Delivery (featuring Dexter Dubabreehed)
11. Distractions
12. Shock Pain
13. Hit The Deck
14. I'd Like To See The Ref
15. Introducing (featuring Bri B
16. Politics At Work

For a guy who does everything on his own, this is totally amazing. I'm not much of a rap fan but I enjoyed a lot of the tunes on here. He takes a stab at the music industry and radio and I have to admit that they play a lot of shit. People can make some really catchy music that a lot of people will enjoy but if you can't get any radio air play, it falls between the cracks. Radio plays what they want you to like. It's not really your decision which is why we should all support Internet radio because we Internet radio DJs play a lot of independent music. I think one of my favorite songs on his sampler and on this record has to be "Whoop De Do". I totally understand his sentiments on that. People are way too materialistic and into bling. I think "Politics At Work" is another great song as well. He has a lot of interesting social commentary which I think was the reason why hip hop came along in the first place. A lot of videos seemed focused on girls and cars and grills on the teeth instead of focusing on the fucked up shit that goes on in this country. Perhaps Tunsi will bring people back around to the important things.