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Band Members:

Nicolas Chapel -- guitar, vocals
MichaŽl Roponus -- drums
Antoine Pohu -- bass
Anthony Broggia -- samples


01. The Perfect Symmetry
02. Shine
03. Sapphire
04. Naive
05. Unspoken
06. Temple
07. Empire
08. Sand

All I can say is wow. This guy is incredible. He wrote all the music and played all the instruments himself. Some of the songs are kind of long while most are pretty much the normal length you'd expect. The longer songs work though because you just become totally enchanted with them. The record sounds like it was recorded by an entire band rather than someone who did all the work himself. I just totally admire people who do that. The music is really quite beautiful and I have to admit I totally love the first track. The opener just pulls you in and the rest of the CD totally entrances and enchants. You'll be totally fascinated with this piece of work right up to the last note. I totally recommend this to anyone.