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Band Members:

Marcus Dahlstrom -- drums, programming, percussion, piano
Tomas Naslund -- bass
Christian Lindskog -- vocals
Simon Grenehed -- guitars, background vocals, pedal organ


01. The Great Depression
02. This Is A Heart Attack
03. Ask Me Now
04. We're All Going To Die
05. Yamkela
06. Put Back The Stars
07. Fell In Love With The Game
08. City Lights
09. We Are To Follow
10. You Must Be Bleeding Under Your Eyelids
11. My Alibi
12. Come To Rest
13. This Time
14. When I Remember

I've heard a couple of releases by this band and this one really caught my attention. These guys experiment with their sound and I like that kind of stuff. They can be a heavy death metal band or they can be a punk band and now they're showing us that they can be a dark and brooding band. I like that reinvention. I think this on the record they run a gamut of different sounds and provide you with quite a bit of variety. I'd check it out.