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Band Members:

Rikard Wermen -- drums
Johan Axelsson -- guitar
Thomas Ahlgren -- bass
Martin Schonherr -- vocals


01. Watch Me When I Kill
02. Strip Nude For Your Killer
03. Gently Before She Dies
04. Light Murderess
05. So Sweet, So Dead
06. The Killer Wore Black Gloves
07. Formula For A Murder
08. Death Walks On High Heels
09. Body Puzzle

This is a Swedish death metal band that has been around for about 15 years and apparently have decided that is their last release. I gather that it's a concept album in that there is a man running around murdering prostitutes. Nice and bloody and gory shit. These guys have always delivered no frills brutal and catchy songs and this CD is no exception. The record is very cohesive and I think showcases some fine death metal. It's both classic and modern. The record is about 35 minutes long and takes you on a pretty brutal ride that doesn't pack any punches. Each tune has heavy assed riffs that pound through your speakers and let you know that these guys have stayed true to their roots. There's one tune in there called "The Killer Wore Black Gloves" that's a bit different than the rest and has a stoner sound to it that's interesting and catchy. These guys show absolutely no remorse for the intense experience that they'll put you through once you put this CD in the player. I think it's a shame that they've called it quits but at least you have one last record to sink your teeth into.