Band Website:
Burning Skies


Band Members:

Merv -- vocals
Liam -- guitars
Ben -- guitars, vocals
Andie -- bass
Phil -- drums


01. Intro
02. RKD
03. The Sweet Sound Of Violence
04. Bauer Power
05. Desolation...(For The Denial Of Ignorance)
06. Damaged
07. Fairytale Supremacy
08. Caught In The Circle
09. Lurid Demolition
10. Could You Sink Any Lower?

This band hails from Bristol in the U.K. and this is a follow up to their debut album. They are basically a mixture of hardcore, death, and black metal. Definitely an extreme band. This is some hard charging music with bombastic drumming, heavy assed riffs, and vocals that will make you fucking bleed. From start to finish this CD will make your player smoke. It's fucking insane and brutal. Buy it.