Band Website:
Tenacious D


Band Members:

Jack Black -- vocals
Kyle Gass -- guitar


01. Jack Attacked
02. History Of KG
03. Birth Of The D
04. Ignem Fervorum
05. Guitarway To Heaven
06. The Stranger Suite
07. Capturing The Pick
08. Compared To The Greats
09. Impenetrable Fortress

I totally enjoyed these selections that were written for this movie. These guys in my honest opinion are a lot of fun to listen to. They really know how to rock and how to capture your attention and comedy is their specialty. Listening to these selections definitely make you want to see and experience the movie. They can definitely take a song and make it magical. Andrew Gross scored these songs and they are fun songs. They used a choir and an orchestra as well and really made these songs classic. Andrew Gross has scored many, many songs for movies such as Forfeit, Bio-Dome, The Good Girl, and 8 Heads In A Duffel Bag. Definitely an enjoyable CD.