Band Website:

Band Members:
Cosmocrator -- bass, vocals, programming
Titan -- lead guitar
Nitrous -- lead guitar
Nex -- drums


01. Warhead
02. Pathetic Submission
03. The Rebellion
04. Transition
05. Epilogue
06. Hellfire
07. Concept Of Honesty
08. Death's Disciples
09. Obligation To Prevail

This brutal death metal band hails from Norway and they definitely can grind your mind with one heavy sonic assault after another. Norway has a very healthy metal scene and these guys prove that quite well. One thing I noticed right off is the really good guitar work on this CD that shines through all nine songs. The riffs and solos pretty much blow you away. I really dug the tune "Concept Of Honesty" as far as guitar work goes. I thought the instrumental tune "Epilogue" was interesting. I guess that's supposed to serve as interlude before they continue to rip your head off. The band is very cohesive and the melodies are quite catchy. The drumming is very fast paced and the vocals are very menacing. Kind of an altnernative between growling and shouting. It sounds like these guys are very heavily influenced by thrash as well as death metal. They definitely have their own distinctive sound however. Overall, this is a very cool CD with some great production. People should check this shit out.