Band Website:
Canvas Solaris

Band Members:

Nathan Sapp -- guitar, guitar synthesizer
Ben Simpkins -- guitar, bass
Hunter Ginn -- drums, percussion


01. Panoramic Long-Range Vertigo
02. Horizontal Radiant
03. Accidents in Mutual Silence
04. Vaihayasa
05. To Fracture
06. Psychotropic Resonance
07. Luminescence

I am constantly getting interesting material on my desk. One thing I absolutely love about all the publicists who send me material is that they are not afraid to send me stuff. They have totally opened me up to new musical vistas and while this trio of dudes sound totally jazz fusion and progressive, their roots are heavy metal and you can get feel that influence in their music. Their CD is an instrumental CD and you catch influences like Pink Floyd and Metallica. These guys experiment with different sounds and quite honestly have put together a very awesome piece of work. Sometimes purely instrumental CDs are hard for a lot of people to digest but I think this could very well change their minds. As one person put it to me the CD has atmospheric musical passages and then all of a sudden there are huge guitar riffs. Someone told me they heard a strong King Crimson influence in the music. I think they mixed together some great influences and have come out with an outstanding product.