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Dirty Elegance


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Dirty Elegance -- instrumentation, sampling, vocals


01. Foreworld
02. Foreign Objects
03. Solicitude
04. Wirrok
05. Aural Mist
06. Eternal Infamy
07. Blind Eye
08. Jury And Hick
09. Leaves Of Autumn
10. Frozen In Time
11. Eventide
12. Tailor Made
13. Melophobia
14. Accouchement
15. Dark Pockets
16. Engloutir
17. Laurel Marty Scrapings
18. Angelic Remedy
19. Down The Hole

Sometimes I'm amazed at some of the things that come in the mail. Yes I know we're a hard rock and metal webzine but sometimes there come gems that must be listened to and promoted. In comes Dirty Elegance from the most awesome city in the U.S., New York City. He is an artist who defies labels but who is considered to be trip-hop. He basically observes the human condition and makes social commentary through his deflightful musical ambitions. It's not so much a lyrical piece of work as much as it's a wall of sound. Music that creates whatever atmosphere he's looking to create whether that be a dark one or a haunting one. Whatever it may be, you can manage to look at the ugliest elements of the human experience and find elegance and class and he seems to do this quite well. This is definitely a record that you have to listen to several times. Something that makes you think and makes you open your mind. Anything that attracts my attention to that scale needs to be spread around.