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Band Members:

Patrick McBride -- vocals
Jerry Clews -- drums
David Henriquez -- guitar
David Sullivan -- bass


01. This Life
02. Sakkara
03. Freeze
04. God Failed
05. Lunar
06. Smash Up
07. Almost Like Life
08. Numb
09. 3rd Of July
10. Stillwater
11. Memories And Lies
12. Uhaul
13. Imbalance

It was said in the press release that I received that "heavy music is often the result of deep emotions" and that "sadness, frustration, and anger combined with a musician's talent can result in music which is awesomely powerful." That's quite true and these guys must have gone through some hell because this is some fucking powerful music. A friend of mine listened to the first track and could totally relate to that song. He's confined to a wheelchair and sometimes does feel like he's drowning in myriad ways. These guys are bold songwriters who don't write bubblegum pop lyrics. The songs are very catchy and the vocals on the record are really intense and never let up. The electronics add a nice touch to the heavy riffs and drums. Definitely a high quality release.