Band Website:
Siege Of Amida


Band Members:

Andy Taylor -- drums
Stephen Babcock -- vocals
Gerren Andres -- guitar
Malcom Pugh -- guitar
Dustin Albright -- bass


01. Infernal Throne
02. Infinite Hold
03. The Biggler Complex
04. Entrails
05. Faust
06. The Nightmare
07. Promising Demise

God damn, this has to be literally the most fucking brutal, extreme band I've heard thus far. I doubt you can get any more fucking choatic than this. They seem to be a mixture of grindcore and death metal. These guys engage in a technical style of playing and the songs are pretty complex. The riffs are extremely heavy and well done and the drumming is just some of the fucking fastest blast beats I've heard in a long time. The vocals sound like Satan rising out of Hell for a visit. All I can say is if you want some really brutal bone jarring metal then these guys are definitely for you. I don't think anyone can outdo these guys.