Band Website:
Society 1


Band Members:

Matt "The Lord" Zane -- vocals
Sin -- guitars
Dirt -- bass, backing vocals
Berzerk -- drums, percussion


01. This Is The End
02. Sick Things
03. Dead Soul
04. Let's Do It
05. Who Are You
06. Filthy And Wrecked
07. Help Me
08. Cracked
09. Living
10. Screaming
11. Thinking Is The Link
12. Mask Of The Devil
13. Push It Through
14. In Search Of...
15. Wretched
16. Dreaded Day
17. Slacker Jesus
18. Story
19. Give
20. IAPM
21. Bleeding Virgin
22. Searching The Sound
23. Time For You To Exist
24. World Of Mine
25. Preconcieved Plan
26. So It Dies
27. Already Dead
28. Fuck The Logical
29. Look At Your Life
30. Unbounded Balance

This was some pretty fucking cool shit. The CD is a compilation of Society 1's first two albums Slacker Jesus and Words As Carriers. They have an industrial sound to their music and it's a very dark, intense collection of material. Apparently these two CDs are rather difficult to find so this compilation is a gem indeed. It was something I played in the car and it stayed in my CD player because I had to listen to it several times. It's also got two covers on it of Alice Cooper's "Sick Things" and Black Sabbath's "Who Are You". There is a a bonus DVe that a lot of interesting stuff on it including naked chicks if that's what you're interested in. I believe the vocalist is a porn flick director. This is my introduction to Society 1 and I can't wait to hear more.