Band Website:

Band Members:
Jonas Renkse -- vocals
Anders Nyström -- guitar
Fred Norrman -- guitar
Mattias Norrman -- bass
Daniel Liljekvist -- drums


01. Leaders
02. Deliberation
03. Soil's Song
04. My Twin
05. Consternation
06. Follower
07. Rusted
08. Increase
09. July
10. In The White
11. The Itch
12. Journey Through Pressure

This band is certainly pleasing to the ear. The musical quality on here is frankly excellent. The lyrics are well written and well sung. The songs are mellow and heavy at the same time. The music is rather dark and brooding. I like how the music is rather in the background as the lyrics are sung but during the choruses they play a major role almost crashing as he himself gets more passionate in his singing. The production is great and really shows what this band can do. I think people will really enjoy this one.