Band Website:
Dog Faced Gods


Band Members:

Raymond "Shorty" Whiteowl -- vocals
Paul "Pizz" Garcia -- drums
Aaron "Hessian" Brown -- guitars
William "Curly Bill" Brown bass
Duane "Dinky" Jones -- guitar


01. Meltdown
02. Take It Back
03. Today
04. Torn In Too
05. Understand
06. Bad Mother Fucker
07. Burden
08. I See People
09. It Kills Me
10. Life In Harmony
11. Interlude
12. Look Into My Eyes

I reviewed these guys last CD and totally loved it. They hail from the San Miguel Indian Reservation and definitely have a passion for music. You can definitely hear the Alice In Chains influence these guys have but at the same time they have a sound all of their own. I love the tune "Meltdown" because it starts out with this tribal drum sound and just fucking kicks the CD into action. None of the songs are over the top and the vocalist definitely holds his own. There isn't a bad song on this record. You have a nice variety of tunes with different styles but at the same time the record is cohesive. I definitely recommend checking these guys out.