Band Website:
Dark Funeral

Band Members:
Emperor Magnus Caligula -- vocals, bass guitar
Lord Ahriman -- guitar
Chaq Mol -- guitar
Richard Cabeza -- bass guitar
Matte Modin -- drums


01. Intro
02. The Arrival Of Satan's Empire
03. An Apprentice Of Satan
04. The Dawn No More Rises
05. The Legions Come
06. Hail Murder
07. Goddess Of Sodomy
08. The Secrets Of The Black Arts
09. Vobiscum Satanas
10. Shadows Over TRansylvania
11. Open The Gates
12. Ineffable Kings Of Darkness
13. Thus I Have Spoken
14. My Dark Desires
15. Armageddon Finally Comes

This a live CD that was recorded in South America in 2003. Apparently they toured all over the place including Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. I absolutely love live CDs. I know a lot of people don't but if they're done well then they are really enjoyable. The production of the CD is well done and the sound is just fabulous. The guys were definitely on top of their game and the show sounds like it was just totally fucking brutal. They played at warp speed and slayed their audience. It was intense and the crowd was really into the show. Great interaction between the band and the audience. This a must have for your Dark Funeral collection.