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Band Members:

Charlie Dominici -- vocals
Brian Maillard -- guitar
Yan Maillard -- drums
Riccardo Atzeni -- bass
Americo Rigoldi -- keyboards


01. King Of Terror
02. March Into Hell
03. So Help Me God
04. Liquid Lightning
05. Enemies Of God
06. Revelation
07. Hell On Earth
08. Genesis

This is the third part of a trilogy and unfortunately I don't have the first two parts of it. I shall have to get them. From what I understand the first part of the trilogy was acoustic and the second and third parts have a full band. I really enjoyed the CD because it has some great musical passages. The songs are catchy and the riffs are fantastic. I also admire the drummer. He's definitely very talented. The lyrical content is pretty interesting. I guess all this unrest in the Middle East makes for some fertile imaginations and interesting epics. You can definitely enjoy listening to this release without feeling like you're missing out on the previous ones but I would definitely be interested in hearing them. All in all this is a fantastic piece of music.