Band Website:
Downtown Singapore

Band Members:
Jerry Scott -- vocals
Spud VanGasbeck -- guitar, vocals
Matt Thorsen -- drums
Joey Lucente -- guitar
Jake Rabadi -- guitar
Lee Bellomy -- bass


01. The Charm Beneath Tradition
02. What She Said
03. Choir Boy
04. Gator Sweat
05. Don't Let Your Gaurd Down
06. Pose Up
07. Teresa Rizal
08. Clean Getaway
09. Broken Arcade
10. People For The Ethical Treatment Of Artists
11. Toy Soldiers And Hand Grenades
12. Your Song

This CD is pretty cool. If you like shredding guitars and a pounding rhythm section then you have it made. The vocals are pretty good too. They're very melodic and harmonious and the lyricism isn't half bad. They even have a ballad on here which is cool. The band is very tightknit and no one tries to outdo anyone else. It's straightforward rock and roll for the masses. They're a young band and they will eventually carve out a niche of their own but so far they're on the right track.