Band Website:
Twisted Into Form


Band Members:

Kaj Gornitzka -- guitars
Leif Knashaug -- vocals
David Husvik -- drums
Erik Aadland -- bass


01. Enter Nothingness
02. Instinct Solitaire
03. Torrents
04. The Thin Layers Of Lust And Love
05. Tear
06. Manumit
07. The Flutter Kings
08. Erased
09. House Of Nadir
10. Coda

This band apparently is composed of members of Spiral Architect. The music on here is technical so unless you're really into complex song structures you might not dig it but there is a time and place to enjoy that kind of shit. At first it seems kind of odd and out of place but if you listen a few times things fall into place. It's kind of like Spiral Architect and kind of not like them. It seems like the more you listen to it the more you discover. The music is brilliant. The vocals are really good too. The first three songs are definitely prog metal. There are a couple of songs that are really heavy. One song has a bit of a jazz fusion style to it and one song sounds industrial so there is definitely a lot of variety on this disc. I think people should pick this up and enjoy it.