Band Website:
Daize Shayne


Band Members:

Daize Shayne -- vocals, guitars
Jimmy Paxson -- drums
Ken Tamplin -- guitars, bass
Ed Roth -- keyboards


01. Naughty Girl
02. Movin' On
03. Why Can't You Understand Me?
04. Can't Have Just A Little
05. Where Love Is
06. Reach
07. Believe
08. Everything I Own
09. So Addicting
10. More Than Kisses
11. All I Want To Do
12. When You're Gone
13. I'm a Da Kine Girl
14. Live Your Dreams
15. Miss U

This is one wild fucking chick. She's a surfing champion, model, and appears in movies and TV shows. She's also a pretty rocking chick. Her songs are very catchy, energetic, rocking, and fun. She's definitely no Britney Spears or any shit like that. It's hard rock and it's enjoyable music. Great guitar riffs, great vocals, and catchy tunes that you find memorable is definitely something that we don't have enough of. I read somewhere that it's about time we had some chicks that can actually rock. I second that comment.