Band Website:
Liz Carlisle


Band Members:

Liz Carlisle -- vocals, acoustic guitar
Russell Wolff -- vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Mike Johnson -- pedal steel guitar, dobro
Kerry Marx -- lead guitars
Pete Wasner -- piano, organ
Brian Love -- acoustic guitar
Dave Roe -- bass, upright bass
Wayne Killius -- drums
Wes Hightower -- vocals
Liana Manis -- vocals


01. Love I'm Leaving
02. Maybe In The Next Life
03. Let Me Be The One
04. The One You Talk To
05. Hey California
06. Love Ain't Enough
07. Where Do We Go
08. Upstream
09. Rest For A While
10. Chances
11. Whiskey

Most of the music we review here is naturally hard rock and all through the metal spectrum but sometimes discs come across the desk and even if they don't fit the format here I still give them space because I think they deserve mention. Now I'm not big on country music. I don't care for most of that whiny crying in your beer shit. But this lady has a good voice, is gifted when it comes to writing and I just flat think the "Love I'm Leaving" is a good kickass song. I also dig "Maybe In The Next Life". This lady is a graduate from Harvard and is just totally gifted. I'm never going to be a huge country fan but I'll definitely be pulling this disc out time and again.