Band Website:

Band Members:
David Blanche -- vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Tommy Latshaw -- bass
Mikey Latshaw -- drums, percussion
Jay Olsin -- lead guitar


01. Underground
02. Lately
03. Sterling Leather
04. Living
05. PUre
06. I Feel Everything
07. Before We Drown
08. ? Mark
09. Angels Hang Low
10. Coming Down

I had to listen to this CD several times. I liked it that much. It was so fresh. It was like a well cooked meal. It's got a little dab of this and a little dab of that and a pinch of this and you have this really cool band. I liked the vocals on here because they reminded me a bit of Ryan Roxie. If you've never heard any of his solo stuff you should. Anyway, moving on. The band has a very unique sound to it and they don't sound like any other band I've been listening to lately which is why it grabbed me so much. THe music gives you a little kick in the ass. I also found myself listening to the lyrics of the song. Very well written stuff. I think people should pick up this CD. It's one of those little gems that sometimes show up in my mailbox.