Band Website:
Dario Mollo

Band Members:
Dario Mollo -- guitar
Glenn Hughes -- vocals
Roberto Gualdi -- drums
Dario Patti -- keys
Fulvio Gaslini -- bass


01. Making Believe
02. Dying To Live
03. Still Evergreen
04. Atmosphere
05. Wild Seed Of Mother Earth
06. My Eyes Don't See It
07. Can't Stop Falling
08. Nothing Stays The Same
09. Soul Protector
10. She Cast No Shadow
11. 16 Guns

When I popped this CD and the vocalist started singing, I knew immediately who it was. You definitely cannot mistake Glenn Hughe's voice for anyone else's. He is definitely the voice of rock as they say. This another CD that has some great guitar work on it and that's immediately what you notioce first. The band is very tight and the musicianship is first rate. It's been a while since I've gotten my hands on something that had Glenn crooning so this was definitely a pleasure. The songs on here are quite diverse. You have ballads, you have melodic rock songs, and you have more heavier stuff. Definitely something for everyone on here.