Band Website:
Dead Rabbits


Band Members:

Jason Sunkes -- vocals, guitar
Maike Maney -- guitars, vocals
Brendan Slater -- bass
Daniel Dinsmore -- drums


01. Open Season
02. Trust
03. Once Upon A Cross
04. Till I Die
05. Miles Away
06. Sleep
07. Away From The Sun
08. Neurotic Fanatic
09. Manic Depression
10. Fly On
11. Untitled
12. Day By Day
13. No One Else To Blame

This is a delightful mixture of stoner rock and southern rock. They have some awesome guitar solos on here, some sludgy playing, and a great attitude. The songs are packed with energy and passion and you hear influences of Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath which is kind of comical seeing as it's a Christian band but what the hell. They play thunderous music and it sounds cool. But if you're a Christian unlike myself you probably should check them out. If you like good heavy rock and don't care about the message, check them out.