Band Website:


Band Members:

Sabine Edelsbacher -- vocals
Lanvall -- guitar, keyboards
Frank Bindig -- bass
Robert Schoenleitner -- guitar
Sebastian Lanser -- drums


Disc 1:
01. Thin Red Line
02. The Silent Wake
03. Images In The Sand
04. For Your Eyes Only
05. Evermore
06. Empire Of The Sun
07. Shine
08. On Sacred Ground
09. Anthem
10. On The Verge Of Infinity
11. The Whispering Gallery
12. The Whisper of The Ages
13. Velvet Eyes Of Dawn
Disc 2: 01. Sunrise In Eden
02. Cheyenne Spirit
03. Arcana
04. The Palace
05. The Undiscovered Land
06. Red Ball In Blue Sky
07. Wild Chase
08. The Canterville Prophecy
09. The Canterville Ghost
10. The Grand Design
11. Terra Nova

I have a couple of CDs by this band and I absolutely love them. Their music is flat out beautiful. This is a female vocalist led power metal band whose music is best described as bombastic. Absolutely beautiful vocals, lush and melodic playing, and keyboards definitely in the forefront. This is a collection of some of their best work so far. The first CD is a collection of B-sides, unreleased tracks, and imports. The second disc is basically their best tracks that were chosen by the fans of the band. If you are new to this band you definitely must grab this CD not just for the best songs but all the cool stuff on the first disc as well. This an absolutely fantastic Austrian symphonic metal band that everyone should check out.