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Band Members:

Shaun Morgan -- vocals, guitar
Pat Callahan -- guitar
Dale Stewart -- bass guitar
John Humphrey -- drums


01. Because Of Me
02. Remedy
03. Truth
04. Gift
05. Burrito
06. Given
07. Never Leave
08. World Falls Away
09. Tongue
10. I'm The One
11. Simplest Mistake
12. Diseased
13. Plastic Man

There were some fans who liked Seether's tune "Broken" and were a little surprised to find out that they rock. The guitar riffs kick ass on "Remedy" which was one tune that really caught my attention. This is a very well produced album and well thought out. I loved the vocals on this CD as well. Nice and passionate and gruff. There definitely is no filler material on this CD. I highly recommend this for people who want a band that rocks.