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Band Members:

Terence Holler -- vocals
Eugene Simone -- lead and rhythm guitar
Roberto Proietti -- rhythm and harmony guitar
John Crystal -- bass
Raffahell Dridge -- drums


01. Silent Flame
02. The Deep Sleep
03. The Blackened Day
04. Why
05. Black Rain
06. Broken Road
07. Rumors
08. Frozen
09. The Child That Never Smiles
10. The Fire
11. Shallow Water Flood
12. Never Dawn

This band hails out of Italy and this is their seventh release. They're apparently a melodic power metal band that also incorporates thrash and techno. That's quite a combination. The first song is like a ballad but then the next few songs are more metal. I liked "Why" and "Black Rain" because they sound more thrashy. All in all the musicianship on this release is great and if you like rather dark material then pick this up.