Band Website:
Emerald Sun


Band Members:

Jimmy Santrazami -- vocals
Teo Savage -- guitar
Johnnie Athanasiadi -- guitar
Fotis Toumanides -- bass
Jim Tsakirides -- keyboards
B-Wicked -- drums


01. Sunrise
02. Scream Out Loud
03. High In The Sky
04. The Traveller
05. Sword Of Light
06. Eyes Of Prophecy
07. Escape From Twilight
08. Emerald Sun
09. H.M.
10. The Story Begins
11. Not Alone

Apparently these boys have been on the scene for 10 years but this is their debut. They hail from Greece and they are one hell of a great power metal band. They remind me a lot of Helloween which is a band I've always loved. The vocalist even reminds me of Michael Kiske. But don't think that they're ripping off Helloween because they're not. They've got very catchy songs and they play with extreme precision. Everything flows together great. The songwriting is fantastic and not only are the songs very melodious but are also quite aggressive. You know this is a metal band. I highly recommend picking this up.