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Band Members:

Richard Z. Kruspe -- vocals, guitars
Henka Johansson -- drums
Arnaud Giroux -- bass
Olsen Inuoltini -- guitars


01. Emigrate
02. Wake Up
03. My World
04. Let Me Break
05. In My Tears
06. Babe
07. New York City
08. Resolution
09. Temptation
10. This Is What
11. You Can't Get Enough
12. Blood
13. Help Me

I've always been a huge Rammstein fan and it was cool to hear that one of the guys was doing a side project. It's nothing like Rammstein so don't be expecting that. It's sung in English and the vocals are totally incredible. The record totally grows on you. There's a good variety of styles on here. Richard Kruspe is quite versatile. Of course there is a trace of Rammstein in all of these songs as can be expected but only a trace. The closest tune to sounding like Rammstein is "Let Me Break". It's got that "Rosenrot" feel to it. All in all it's a very cool album. You might not get into it on the first listen but on the second one you'll love it.