Band Website:
Dead Girls Ruin Everything

Band Members:

Nick Colby -- bass
Cameron Hawk -- vocals, guitar
JoJo Longbottom -- vocals, guitar
Eric Melin -- drums


01. Hot Blonde
02. All Is Forgotten
03. Never Too Late
04. What A Perfect Ending
05. Had It With You
06. This Amp Goes To Zero
07. Make Me Smile
08. Take The First Shot
09. On A Lonely Note
10. Short Fuse
11. I Don't Wanna Wake Up
12. Dropped Catch

This is the band's debut record and I must say they definitely got off on the right foot. This is the kind of fist pumping rocking music you like to put in the CD player and turn up to 10. The songs are catchy and melodic and you find yourself singing along with the tunes. This is the kind of shit I like to put into the CD player on Friday nights when I have friends over and we want to rock out. If you love rock and roll you will dig this CD.