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Band Members:

Niclas Engelin -- guitars
Marcus Sunesson -- guitars
Mangan Klavborn -- vocals
Mojjo -- drums
Michael Hakansson -- bass


01. In Splendour
02. Casket Closing
03. Next Closed Door
04. The Hurricane Season
05. Propaganda
06. The Paraclete
07. Scythe
08. Descend
09. Trial & Error
10. I'm The One
11. Calling Out
12. Seven Ends

This band hails out of Gothenburg, Sweden and is something of a supergroup. Everyone in the band is pretty well known. What's interesting about Engel's sound is that the guys in the band are from black and death metal bands but this release has more of a hard rock and alternative sound albeit a lot heavier in nature. I can imagine that sometimes musicians from various bands like to get together and do something that is a bit different from their primary genres and that's what these guys have done. It's a very melodic album with great guitar riffs and mostly clean vocals. Every once in a while Mangan gets some extreme vocals in there but for the most part he demonstrates what a really good vocalist he is. I love the CD. It's a good rocking one and I can definitely see what the buzz is about.