Band Website:
Powerman 5000

Band Members:

Spider -- vocals
Johnny Heatley -- guitar
Terry Corso -- guitar
Siggy -- bass
Adrian Ost -- drums


01. Construction Of The Masses Pt. 1
02. Destroy What You Enjoy
03. Return Of The City Of The Dead
04. Wild World
05. Enemies
06. Murder
07. Now That's Rock N' Roll
08. All My Friends Are Ghosts
09. Walking Disaster
10. Who Do You Think You Are?
11. Construction Of The Masses Pt. 2
12. Miss America
13. Heroes & Villains (live)

This CD is quite a bit different from their usual fare. This is rocking good music and fist pumping all the way through. The songs are varied enough that nothing gets boring and there's definitely a huge punk thing going on here. I love it when bands experiment with their sound and try new things and that's what these guys have done. So wake up and destroy what you enjoy babes.