Band Website:
Enter Chaos


Band Members:

Marta -- vocals
Marcin -- guitars
Sebastian -- guitar
Michal -- bass
Mark -- drums


01. Blood Desire
02. Chaos
03. ...And The Angels Sing
04. Dreamworker
05. Lethal Dreams
06. Electronic Zombies
07. Industrial Disease
08. Synthetic Future
09. Lost In Ecstasy
10. Cold

This is a Polish death metal band that is true to the Gothenburg style of death metal. Lightning fast riffs and deep guttural growls are the mainstay of this release. There's a lot of really intricate guitar work that grabs your attention on this release as well as blast drum beats. There are four guitarists on this record that build layers upon layers of sound and there's a pretty good production and sound quality to the record. The vocalist is a female and she definitely belts out growls with the best of them. All in all this is not exactly a groundbreaking release but rather a release that was put out by very talented musicians who apparently have a deep love for Gothenburg style death metal. I find myself returning to this CD in the future.