Band Website:
Paul Epic


Band Members:

Mike K - guitars, bass, keys
Randy Cooke -- drums
Paul Epic -- vocals
Chad Gendason -- backing vocals
Kelly Moneymaker -- backing vocals


01. I Am
02. Truth
03. Proud
04. Faster
05. Save Me
06. Your Song
07. Ours To Have
08. Remember Me
09. She'll Come Home
10. All That We Longed For
11. Say You'll Stay Tonight
12. Last Stop On A Long Fall

This dude is definitely one adrenaline junkie. He's into skydiving, kickboxing, and motorcycle drag racing among other things. This is a cool CD because it varies from rock to almost metal tunes. You can tell that this guy definitely is passionate about many things which also works with his musical endeavors as well. There's passion and fire in these songs which is something you don't see too often these days. It's a CD that will rock you and and make you think and who knows, even make you headbang a bit.