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Band Members:

Blastmor -- vocals, guitar
Daemon -- bass, guitar
Hannamari -- keyboards
T. Kristian -- drums


01. Parasites Of Submission
02. Decay Of Christian Empire
03. Travesty Of Heavenly Essence
04. Nox Diaboli
05. Legacy Of Saints In Disguise
06. Deteriorated
07. Truth Revealed
08. Tolerance
09. Divinity Under Will
10. Prisoner Of Pain
11. Lost In Reflection

This band hails from the almighty country of Finland. That little country is churning out bands like crazy. This CD definitely kicks your ass from beginning to end. There's a lot of speed and symphonic sounds coming from this gem. It's aggressive and melodic both without being overbearing on either front. These guys have managed to mix melody and aggression to the right consistency and you have a perfect recipe for a kickass sonic assault. Apparently Blastmor is no longer playing drums but is playing guitar now. This is definitely black metal at its best.