Band Website:
Eternal Descent


Band Members:

Llexi Leon -- guitar, piano, violin
Elysha West -- vocals
Keefe West -- programming drums, bass


01. Into The Darkness
02. Whispers
03. Black Blood
04. Race Against The End,br> 05. Trials,br> 06. City Falls
07. Ascension
08. Our Own Devils
09. Angels In The Architecture
10. Endless
11. Broken Remains
12. Deja Vu

Now this is a nice little project. It's basically a CD that brings music and life to anime characters called Lyra, Sirian, and Loki. There's string instumentation, great guitar work, and ethereal vocals. It reminds me a bit of Evanescence with an industrial touch. It's definitely an intriguing piece of work and I think LLexi Leon has created quite a masterpiece to introduce his upcoming anime series. The music itself is a mixture of gothic, industrial, ambient, and pop music. It's probably one of the best concept albums I've listened to in quite a while. The guitar work itself is extraordinary. I love the gatefold CD cover and the beautiful artwork inside. The CD is divided into three parts called Asticus, Incendium, and Cathartarium. Not only do I feel that anime afficionados will enjoy this album but if you like industrial, metal, and goth, you will fall in love with the songs and the vocals. I think the vocalist has done a brilliant job. I'm not much of an anime person but I love the album.