Band Website:
Every Avenue


Band Members:

David Strauchman -- vocals
Joshua Randall -- guitar
Jimmie Deeghan -- guitar
Caemron Grenstiner -- bass
Michael Govaere -- drumms, programming


01. One More Song
02. Where Were You
03. Nothing
04. Picking Up The Pieces
05. Think Of You Later (Empty Room)
06. Getting Out

So I find this CD with a bright yellow cover in the pile on my desk and pop it in and the rock show starts. From start to finish these guys kick your ass with guitar riffs, harmonic and melodious singing, and lyrics about love found and love lost. Ah, the angst of young love but with upbeat melodies and fast tempos. There are no slow songs on here. Maybe on a later release we might find out if these guys can pull off some slower numbers but for an EP, these guys show you what they're made of. This will definitely reside in the iPod for quite some time.