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Band Members:

Jazz -- guitar
Melon -- bass
Aaron -- vocals, guitar, percussion, pennywhistle
Raydn 1 -- keyboards, sax, turntables, guitars, percussion
Core -- drums


01. Evol
02. Too Far
03. 4th Wise Man
04. Duh Wayne
05. Herbie (Doesn't Like To Make Toys)
06. Natural Drag
07. Quick And Easy
08. Cockeyed
09. Dark
10. Set You Free
11. Troop Support
12. Crutch
13. Dog Lover
14. Pyramids

These boys hail from Phoenix, Arizona and are a nice blend of radio friendly hard rock, metal, and alternative. They have a good sound to them and definitely differentiate from other bands. Their songs are very catchy and their arrangements are well written and a bit different from the norm. They use some non-traditional instruments such as a sax and that definitely sets them apart from most other bands. They draw their influences from Tool, Sevendust, and Faith No More and it's quite evident in their sound. Definitely a great CD.