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Band Members:

Jarmo Pääkkönen -- vocals
Vesa Nupponen -- guitar
Jarmo Myllyvirta -- keyboards
Henri Pirkkalainen -- drums
Tero Vaaja -- bass


01. The Wingman
02. Life On Fire
03. Losing Time
04. Ivory Tower
05. I Failed You
06. Arriving As The Dark
07. Streams Of Madness
08. Delta Sunrise
09. Between The Lines
10. Soaking Ground

This band hails out Finland and I just love the music scene over there. This is a pretty good power metal band. This band reminds a lot of people of Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius. I have to say that the vocalist has a very powerful voice and gets his point across no matter whether it's a slow ballad type song or a faster one. He can definitely hold his own. There's definitely a good variety of material on this record and I think it's well worth checking out. The songs are catchy and the production work on the album is great too.