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Band Members:

Jarmo Pääkkönen -- vocals
Jarmo Myllyvirta -- keyboards
Kimmo Hänninen -- guitars
Tero Vaaja -- guitars
Henri Pirkkalainen -- drums


01. Temptation Wasteland
02. A Moment In The Spotlight
03. Reality Bends
04. Dire Waters
05. Stage Of Lies
06. Heart & Home
07. Megalomania
08. My Legacy
09. Obsession To Prosper

This sextet hails from Finland. Finland once again hauling out some heavy hitters. I can definitely see why these guys got signed by Sound Riot Records. That label always finds the best there is. And these guys are fucking amazing. These guys just ooze progressive metal. The keyboards and synths are in your face mixed with heavy riffs and pounding speedy drumming with powerful vocals. This is their debut release and I am definitely impressed.