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Band Members:

Domenik Papaemmanouil -- lead vocals, guitars
Alex Katsiyiannis -- guitars, backing vocals
Christos Kyrkilis -- keyboards
Nick Valetzis -- bass
Kostis Papaleksopoulos -- drums, percussion


01. Intro
02. Willow Man
03. The Muzzle Affection
04. Dance Of Descent
05. Another Empty Haven
06. Strife For Definition
07. Sleepwalk
08. E.Y.E.
09. Utopia Fragmented
10. Minutes To Abandon
11. Provoke The Divine

This is a Greek band and I must say I love the CD. The drummer just flat kicks ass. There's such a wonderful variety of music. It's aggressive, it's jazzy, it's beautiful and melodic. Wonderful guitar work throughout. Definitely a very cohesive release. The lyrical content is open to interpretation and is well thought out. I don't think you can really find anything wrong with this release.