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Band Members:

Per Franson -- guitar
Kennet Berggren -- drums
Fredrik Keller -- guitar
Joakim Ahlander -- bass
Daniel Hedquist -- vocals


01. My Little Sidekick
02. Housebroken
03. Chicksinger
04. Ain't Low
05. Fanatic By Choice
06. Speeder
07. If Not Today
08. One Of These Days
09. Stupid Girl
10. Sounds Like A Riot
11. Sink Without Fail

This was a really cool rock album. The band hails from the music mecca known as Sweden. The songs have a lot of punch and melody in them. Great crunchy riffs and hooks abound on this release. There's a hardcore side to it with screamo choruses but all in all it's a great hard rock record. Definitely a good release.