Band Website:
Edu Falaschi


Band Members:

Edu Falaschi -- vocals
Casey Grillo -- drums
Emppu Vuorinen -- guitars
Lauri Porra -- bass


01. King
02. Take Back Your Spell
03. Forgotten Land
04. Scary Zone
05. Children Of Lies
06. Break All The Welds
07. Golden Empire
08. Primitive Chaos
09. Breath
10. Box Of Illusion
11. Almah

While Edu Falaschi is working with Angra, sometimes you have to let off a little creative energy on your own and with the fantastic voice that he possesses, I can surely understand why he would want to play around on his own. Of course there will be similarities between Aurora Consurgens and Almah because of the vocals. The lyrics are interesting and thought provoking as he teaches us a bit about history and emotions such as love, greed, hatred, courage, and what not. There's quite a variety of material on here and no musical composition is the same as another. This disc is definitely worth experiencing and I highly recommend people checking it out. There's a surprising array of guest musicians on here so I definitely think it's worth giving a listen to.