Band Members:
Mark Fox -- vocals
Roger Tanner -- drums
Thom Blunier -- guitar
Laurie Porra -- bass
Thomas Muster -- guitar


01. Chains Of Temptation
02. Out Of Control
03. Take Me Now
04. All Or Nothing
05. How It Feels
06. Fall
07. Walk On Water
08. She Is My Ecstasy
09. Make It All Right
10. Nightlife
11. Do You Know
12. Immortal

This is a cool hard rock band out of Switzerland and this is the first release I've heard from them. The songs are very melodic and there are some very cool ballads on here such as "How It Feels". I'm always a sucker for ballads. The music is very melodic and the songs are catchy. There are guitar solos on here and the guitar work is very well done. All in all a great album with no filler. One song that I think people should really check out is "Walk On Water". Just the way that song is done is incredible. For hard rock lovers, this CD is a must have.