Band Website:
Fall From Grace


Band Members:

Tryg -- guitar, vocals
Btown -- guitar
BigKen -- bass
KennyB -- drums


01. Hated Youth
02. King Of Lies
03. Wake Up My Friend
04. The Last Straw
05. Burned
06. Destroy
07. Pictures On The Wall
08. Covered In Scars
09. Blue & Cold
10. This Sickness (Is What I Am Now)
11. I Can't Win
12. Pet Sematary

Aside from being really handsome boys with some killer tattoos, these guys are pretty damn good. They provide you with some rocking music that's a mixture of punk, metal, and New York attitude. It's hard to go wrong with that package. The CD starts off with a real ass kicking rocker and really doesn't let up. Naturally there is some slower stuff but on the whole it's a really good rocking CD with really memorable well-written music. Definitely one of the better releases that I've enjoyed. My two favorites are definitely "Hated Youth" and "King Of Lies" but all the songs in my opinion are great stuff. They're also a Bodog Battle of the Bands winner. This is a kickass band that you don't want to miss out on.