Band Website:
Three Fantastic

Band Members:
Charles Peters -- vocals
Kelly Doyle -- guitar
Evan Groeschel -- bass
David Taschery -- drums


01. 5 Seconds
02. Big Room
03. 20,000 Worlds Away
04. Fantasy Son
05. Ruby I Hate You
06. Etude De Pop
07. The Consequence Of Something Permanent
08. Prison
09. I Have A Plan
10. Japanese
11. Pretty Girls
12. WWII
13. Funkalicious

Now this was a pleasant surprise. These guys are very talented musicians who basically jerk your ass around with some incredibly tight playing and frenzied playing. Most notable on the record are the guitar riffs that abound on it but end in abrupt transitions between each. The album is confusing but you can't stop listening. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Spin it a few more times.