Band Website:
Place Of Skulls


Band Members:

Victor Griffin -- guitar, vocals
Tim Tomaselli -- drums
Dennis Cornelious -- bass, vocals


01. Prisoner's Creed
02. Sense Of Divinity
03. Darkest Hour
04. Interlude
05. Apart From Me
06. The Dark Is Never Far
07. We The Unrighteous
08. Interlude
09. Masters Of Jest
10. Interlude
11. Lookin' For A Reason
12. Relentless
13. Changed Heart

In an oversaturated market it gets increasingly more difficult to have your own distinctive style but Place Of Skulls has no problem with that. They have definitely broken the boundaries of what doom can be. You can say they've taken doom to a new level. One of the songs that really caught my ear was "Lookin' For A Reason" because I heard a saxophone in that one. Vic Griffin has a history of being in some great bands and this is another example of his fine musicianship. What I really love are the heavy asss guitars on this release. This is a fucking great CD and I think people who love black and heavy music should give this one a spin.